From the D to the MD....


“What a Doctor Looks Like” outlines the journey of Dr. Tamika K. Cross as a young girl and aspiring physician from Detroit, and the path laden with discouragement, lack of mentorship, and self-doubt. Dr. Cross explores the process of establishing her identity and self-love at a young age and the realization of their importance as key ingredients for success. This memoir highlights the many obstacles that arose at every step of her journey and how she was able to steer past them and remain on track to achieve her dreams. Dr. Cross discusses the importance of aligning herself with the right mentors, chosen opportunities and a supportive network to achieve this success. As Dr. Cross transforms from an aspiring physician to a practicing physician, she discovers the frequent influences of bias in medicine on fellow doctors and patients. This powerful memoir uses her unique personal experiences to inspire and motivate others to remain focused on their dreams, which are attainable, regardless of how unrealistic society tells us they are.


A step by step guide on overcoming the many challenges we know that life may present. By implementing some of these key techniques, you will discover within yourself a much stronger person capable of anything. Everyone suffers from fear from time to time. Some use the fear as an excuse to give up, and others use that fear to motivate themselves to achieve their dreams. The choice is yours!